Defining Identities and Representations

The term identity doesn’t have an specific definition because it covers a lot of different human aspects such as: age, religion, gender, class, nationality, race… and those aspects are influenced by many factors: genetic, geographical, social, cultural…

The identity of a person is composed by a mix of different aspects. The characteristics of a person don’t operate separately, they influence each other and the union of some of them create the identity of a person.

Representations tell us a lot about a culture. When we see or hear a representation of a person or group of people we have to open our mind and not just see and care about the person that is being represented, we have to also think about all the people behind that person that also share the same ideas and thoughts. When we think about representation we can think about their quantitative aspects (the amount of people represented) or their qualitative aspects (negative, positive…).



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