What I want to achieve

Whit this new topic I’m going to show how the beauty standards and the fashion have changed since ancient times to nowadays, and with this what I want to let the people know that to have curves and big bodies are also trendy and that they had been the desired aspects of the women’s body for a long time.

Nowadays the trend is to be skinny and have big breast and also a big butt, and a lot of women desire to achieve that and to fit the beauty canons of this generation. Even little girls through the internet, social media, magazines or TV can see how the references of the epoch are people like ‘The Kardashians’ that are considered to be fashion references by wearing  see through dresses to show their body and to be sexy, and of course the perfect body reference of this epoch for women around the world.

Everyone is perfect, special and beautiful the way they are!!

kim-kardashian-sexy-sheer-cleavage-dress-miami-04      captura-de-pantalla-2016-11-21-a-las-13-38-54



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